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[Note: This is a live site.  Do not be frightened by a personal welcome.]  Donation-funded Christian Consultants affiliated with the Nation's leading Christ-based Ministry A3CEES (A-three-sees): Quality Management (QM) is the description of a certain level of management acumen.  Christ-based Consultants represents more than 70 years of combined QM expertise.  Dr. Steven B. DavidSon and his team are not merely Black-belts, or Green-belts.    Dr. DavidSon is a first generation, TQMer (Total Quality Management).  He entered his first management-engineering program in the 1970s.  He and his colleagues have experienced every generation of the QM disciplines since the beginning such as Value Engineering, Quality Circles, Total Quality Management, and ISO 9000.  They offer these as well as Lean Six-Sigma experience. Therefore, the group offers world-class operational concepts to your ministry.  What do we mean by world-class?  It sounds worldly. 

Many people do not realize that operational principles have been standardized, and managing any operation is an art and science.  Certainly, common sense and personal insights can never be excluded.  However, often in the ministry-setting leaders and others have a love for the Lord.  However, the Lord’s business must be operated decently and in order. 

One great management engineer who was a devout Christian, Edward Deming said it like this, “It’s not enough to do your best, you have to know what to do, then do your best.”  We have the responsibility as ministry leaders to employ the best approaches to the most important business this side of glory, and that’s what we help you do.

New: Institute of Advanced Management

An educational experience for leaders, clergy, and directors responsible for leading or building non-profit organizations, ministries and businesses.  Click here!

What can we help you do?

Almost any kind of system needed to move your ministry and organization forward such as: 

  • Worship Service Flow

  • Attendance Accountability

  • Web-based Christian education and Church support programs

  • Administrative Management and Documentation

  • Facility Arrangement

  • Employee Documentation (Training documents and plans, Position Descriptions)

  • Organizational Documentation (By-laws, Constitutions)

  • Forms and Document templates

  • Surveys and other Research

  • Environmental Reports

  • AND much more

 This is just an example of what we do.

Institute of Advanced Management (IAM) for Ministry

An educational experience for leaders, clergy, and directors responsible for leading or building non-profit organizations, ministries and businesses.  Click here!

Click here --> Servant Leader, Nation's top Christ-based Counselor, leading-edge Christian Educator, and Quality Management professional, Dr. Steven B. DavidSon shares about A3CEES' outstanding financial steward-ship with your contribution to God's glory! 

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(Use the buttons to play, pause, or stop the video). Try our sample deliverables.  These are reports with research, statistics, best-practices and recommendations you can use with your ministry;  or it is sound administrative procedures to prevent unsavory conduct by church officials and leaders, and a Christ-based investigative process that ministries can use to correct themselves.  Paul said, "how dare you go before the world to judge your affairs, is there not one wise person among you."

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Consulting services are extraordinarily expensive.  We provide these deliverables for an offering, should you find the whole or any part to be worthwhile.  You determine what it is worth to you.   If you desire the products below, email or contact us for the password:


Church Attendance and Accountability Product

Proactive Code of Ethics and Investigative Process  Part I.  and Part II